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How To Design a Startup Idea

Chang Liu's new book "How to Design a Startup Business Idea" is an essential check list for anyone who is interested in starting up or becoming entrepreneurial. The book contains many short chapters meant to disperse fantasy scenarios that many first time entrepreneurs hold. Many people who are about to startup needs brutally honest and core effective suggestions the most, and yet they often don't get any. This book is intentionally made short so that a potential entrepreneur would be encouraged to read.

Chang Liu is a technologist well trained in engineering and science. When he tried to learn how to choose an idea and how to launch a startup, he is not satisfied with the lack of information. He practiced technology startup on his own and learned the many pit-falls of ideation, operations, product development, fund raising, marketing, and talent acquisition by himself. In this book, he shares the deepest secrets that VCs, Angels and company bosses cannot tell you or does not know how to teach clearly.

His hope is that, after this book is launched, no one startup business while ill-prepared and ill-informed. He wants to avoid the scenarios where people startup without any preconceived warning of risks and tactics. On one hand, this book will stop some people from startup experiment. On another, it will help people who truly decide to startup have a better chance of surviving.

Chang Liu earned his Ph.D. degree in engineering from Caltech. He was a tenured engineering professor at UIUC and Northwestern for over 22 years. He quit his professor job and started Integrated Micro Devices (IMD). He transformed himself from a research professor to a product developer and then a successful enterprise builder. A true scholar, he authored three books, over 200 research papers, and was involved in startup of four companies overall.

More to come about this book's formal launch on Amazon and Barns and Noble.

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