Innovation is business, and business is not fairness

Innovation is to make old things new. It is business, not ideas. It is an act, not ideas.

Here are some analogies of innovation and business.


Business has no vacuum.

Business is not fair.

Business is a monopoly competition to reshape the business and social fabric


Innovation is not guess, not try, but to act;

Innovation is business, not dreaming or wish or efforts;

Startup is not dreaming

Startup is vision. In a vision you walk towards a mountain. In a dream the mountain walks to you.

Startup is not idea, it is the business of an idea.

Startup is professional dreaming.

Research and discovery

Research is not innovation. Research is hobby, innovation is business. Innovation is to make a product, research is to make a prototype.

Business is generosity and empathetic to people and provide value.

Business is honesty, providing value and quality to compete.

Business is dog eat dog fight. It is about feeding the mouth of employees and engineers.

Business is doing great things and solving problems and make life enjoyable and easy.

Business is also bags of magic and tricks and unfair advantages to compete with incumbents and copycats.


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