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Startup: How to make low probability accidents happen

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Startup is creation. It is not your idea, it is not your cleverness. IF you succeed, you create a value, you create a company that can feed its own people.

Startup is to partake in nature's creation process, and somehow feel like you did it.

Three ways exist to make accidents

  1. Get to know people,bump into their needs, invent.

  2. Get into market, design a business concept, and execute.

  3. Get high percentage shots, and count on luck and hustle. Don't get low percentage shots and count on chance.

The kind where technical clever people with no business knowledge, with no capital, with no prior experience, read books, learn ppt bp writing,be solo and force an accident - it the least likely. But it will still make a heck of an education. A learning much deeper than reading all books.

It may result in a job, but not likely a company. In a job, you feed yourself. A company is a machine that feed jobs to many.

Startup is creation. Like all creation, it is bumped into by accident.

Learning entrepreneurship in essence is to learn how to foster an accident. Like catching lightning in a bottle, by yourself. The lightning is lightning's idea,you just want to happen to be there.

To catch lightning in a bottle means to accomplish a nearly impossible task, to trap something elusive or fleeting. This is usually but not always in reference to something creative. Often, the term is used to explain the difficulty of accomplishing something, in the simile like trying to catch lightning in a bottle.

Lightning happens every day in nature. Many people and places are hit, just like there are so many businesses big and small everywhere. But when you try to capture one, the act is impossible to teach and impossible to learn.

The only way to ensure startup to succeed is to do this many times. One time, you will be there with a bottle when lightning happens.

When you try it many times, you fail many times, and you will be called a veteran, just a business person, not "smart person".

Edison, Jobs, Elon Musk were smart, but more importantly you have to be there at the right moment.

Startup is 6x to 10x more work than Making a Product. You need to catch the opportunities (lightning) from sky, you need to fight the marketing watch dogs on the ground, and you need know yourself much much better.


Startup is not making money. It is much more than making a product or introducing a solution. It is entering the market, and introducing your products to target audience, and have people find you. It is about choice (or market) and hustle. It is about knowledge and experiential learning.

It is about disrupting big industry to provide better disruptive new benefits or refreshing old. It is doing the hard things when no one understand.

Startup is loneliest strive and longest learning, figuring out all ways that can fail is success, and the benefits to a person is "understanding how the world really works", or the Tao.

If you do it right, startup is as easy as putting a seed into the ground. If you don't do it right, it is as hard as trying to move a mountain of gold.

Startup is a skill that must be experienced and practices. Many people gets only one chance to practice. In startup, you fail in order to succeed. The first failure is inevitable and will produce success. You focus instead of expansive thinking in vacuum. When you focus, the world opens and the money comes. Hence startup is a dare - a leap of faith - bold but not stupid.

Many "local business" and "snow business' owners don't try very hard and become "entrepreneurs". Many people with money succeed because they catch lightning in the highest probability area. People equipped with their own "ideas" and "senses" and try to make a solution for problems are the ones with the lowest chance, kind of like lottery.

People like Jobs and Musk succeed because they try all their life. They succeed when the opportunities struck them. On the contrary, if you just try to get lucky and take chances, the lightning won't hit you, and you have to pretend you caught something with a light bulb.

The light bulb is only the consolation prize for not catching the lightning or creating their own lightning.
Innovation is easy. Go to places with a high chance, and do it at the right time.
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