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The NEXUS by Julio Ottino is a GEM

Dr. Julio Ottino's new book is titled THE NEXUS - the new convergence of art, technology, and science. Being one of the longest serving Dean of Engineering of the prestigious Northwestern University, he spent over 20 years at the helm of a complex organization and over 40 years dedicated to research and science. You can guess that he knows a lot about the way future will shape up.

Most Deans of this kind of connection, power and complexity does not write a book to inform the general public about the future. I am glad that Dean Ottino did. The book is coauthored with Bruce Mau, a famous designer who provided a perfect augmentation of Ottino's world of science and technology.

This book contains many pictures collected painstakingly by the author and team, to communicate complex concepts that are beyond a single major field. Ironically it took the years of pandemic to allow enough time for the authors to put complex thinking on the pages. Published by the MIT press, this book will inspire readers to think broadly and with the whole brain.

Book cover of the NEXUS
cover NEXUS

Among the main points of this inspiring book that particularly impressed me are:

  1. Design and art is important. Artist is always a technologist of their own right.

  2. There is bigger world than the currently siloed version of science, engineering, and art. In fact, they are all intertwined like a symphony.

  3. Students who are smart should also develop strong sense of feeling so you want to understand others' point.

  4. It is important to balance ideas with execution. Ideas and execution are separate domains.

This is an inspiring and informative book with many lesser known facts that only a long server insider with connections and deep thoughts would care to collect and share. Today, engineers don't go to a church anymore. People don't even read books anymore and prefer one minute long short videos. If you are curious about life, world, career, and the well beings of society, this book gives you a whole-brain overview that no other books give.

Authors Julio Ottino and Bruce Mau
The NEXUS by Ottino and Mau

Dean Ottino is passionate about not just engineering and science, but largely the impact of industry, arts, and humanity. This book is well priced to be a gem in your colleciton.

Julio Ottino author the NEXUS
Julio Ottino

Dean Julio Ottino of Northwestern University.

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