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Three types of entrepreneurs who don't deserve the name "entrepreneur"

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

There are four kinds of entrepreneurs that are harmful to the word "entrepreneur".

Type 1: Young people who want to "make a free living" and embraces the passive income dream.

Type 2: Young people without any money who thinks they are on a "revolutionary idea" without any idea that they may not be that new and everything takes money.

Type 3: Serious engineers without any business experience or startup experience, who wants to do research and make fantastic products.

Type 4: I am not doing business to make money. I just want to push something small and I just want to change the world. Or the "I am invincible" kind who does not follow basic business rules but wants to be in business.

All three types have a lot to learn. The first kind is at best working for themselves, and can never grow into a bigger company. And yet they are the ones making the most noise.

Young people without money who dream about starting up a money maker is very aggressive. They don't collaborate, and want to use every possible cheap advertising channels such as Kickstarter to their advantage. Again, their endeavor would never grow into a business enterprise, because they are just working alone.

Technical people who over value the effect of their contributions tend to make a bold effort, but they often don't know any business and don't know how to select a project.

The kind of entrepreneur most admirable are the once who have a sense of the market size, the startup process, and the societal impact. They are not the ones working to make themselves rich or famous, but they typically ended up making a successful enterprise.

The kind of undesirable entrepreneurs are:

(1) Working to fulfill their ego;

(2) Working for personal freedom or fame;

(3) Don't know much about selection and experience.

(4) Blindly confident, aggressive, and invincible.

They tend to make the most noise. The truly experienced, visionary and execution-ready leaders are truly rare, and almost impossible to train.

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