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Startup Services

Confidential, fast, experienced, honest
Startup Advising
and drop in hourly discussion

Veteran one-on-one hourly or drop in advising and discussions.

Marketing Branding from beginning

Marketing is 90% of the work.  Let someone help you navigate the murky waters of channels and customer.

Technology readiness evaluation

Is this technology too early? Evaluate the readiness of the technology and business potential.

Rapid prototyping

Help you build a prototype faster with China supply chain.

Network referral

Navigate the investment jungle. Help you tap into a friendly network and ecosystem.

SPC provides deep knowledge of electronics and comprehensive understanding of the supply china in China.  It is unrivaled when it comes to knowledge and experiences for making all kinds of electronics products.  We bring the US innovators face to face with our dedicated team in China.

China has amazing and affordable designers of electronics, packaging, molding, and embedded software.  Why not let them help you reduce the cost and time to market by 10 folds.

We understand you, the innovator.  You are stuck at the prototyping stage.  Later you will find business development, channel development and IP protection challenging.  We offer experiences, speed and cost management for you.



Give us a call to let us understand what you need to development.  An initial consultation provides electronics, mechanical, design, and business perspectives into your project.  We provide initial quote within 5 business days.

Contract Development


We have team who live in China and walk the supply chain for years.  The US operation and China operations are under one ownership. The Chinese team help you accelerate your project.



We promise you fast prototyping, controlled cost, and vast experiences.  We can offer consulting even on technology and entrepreneurial business aspects of your project.

A veteran.


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On your side.

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