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Help the entrepreneurs need

The startup experience is full of challenges and lonely.  The founder and team need to learn many things on the fly and yet don't have resources.  The founders "take a plunge and learn to assemble the parachute on the way down".  The founder is engaged in a true "learning by trial AND error" experience.  The Seven Parallel Consulting company is formed to HELP MAKE STARTUP EASY.  We help the founder and the startup company with strategic checkups.  We try to demystify many potential pitfalls and help the founder steer the ship in the right directions.  Dr. Liu is a serial entrepreneur (see below) and has earned his scars on the field.  He will love your company as much as you love yours.  Dr. Liu understands technologist and what they don't know, and have experienced the entire range of issues.  We offer flexible Hourly Rate and Project Engagement Rate.  For example, we offer Business Plan Audit, Business model design clinic, Branding and Marketing brainstorming.  We are at our best helping early startups, and your work won't be delegated to interns and newbies for cost saving.  We also offer expert assess to online sales in US and China, as well as low cost electronics products or artifacts rapid prototyping.

One Stop Full Service Provider

Innovation is about rapidly making experiments and trial by error.   Mistakes can happen at product stage and market acceptance stage.  Being able to rapidly make prototypes is important to gain trust of investors.  To turn an idea into a product or a company, you need designs and prototypes made fast.  When it comes to prototyping, China has amazing supply chain.  Within a city block, you can find people who design circuits, layout molds, 3D printing for you, put finer touches with industrial design, apply for barcode registration, design a satisfying but cost-controlled packaging box for you.  In other words, South China is a heaven to turn your idea into a functional prototype you can hold in your hand.  Seven Parallel Consultants traverse the streets in Guangdong, China and learned the best and most reliable resources to complete this orchestra of technical and commercial actions.  SPC team members connects inventors with the resources in China to help you prototype and seek success. 

Chang Liu

Dr. Chang Liu is a serial entrepreneur, an accomplished teacher and professor, a technologist and inventor, and a serial author.  He received his education at Tsinghua University (Beijing) and Caltech (Pasadena, CA), and was a tenured professor of engineering at the University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign and then Northwestern University.  Dr. Liu is a Fellow of the IEEE.  He later left university job and entered the market place, become a full time consultant and specialist in startup consulting.  He also focus on teaching and practicing commercialization of technology and authored three books  He is based in Chicago, IL. He has over 30 years of startup experience, and was involved in developing electronics products and MEMS sensor devices.  He has broad experiences of entrepreneur startup and innovation management.

Staff Members
in Foshan, China 

A team of experts is ready to step in and help you.  SenseFusion Corp. staff work on circuit design, factory production, mechanical design, industrial design, UI design, color layout, rapid 3D prototyping, applying for trademark drawing, and even initial marketing and trial is ready to help.

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