Basic frame work of startup. Business. Startup. You.

The frame work

The process

How to get on a path of startup and grow a successful business

Business is relation - give value, get paid. Starting up a business is building a relation.

Building a business is simple. It is going through failure after failure. And learn everything.

The fame work is the bigger picture to understand the business startup process.

  1. The relation between heaven, earth and human (representing nature, business world, and end consumers/society.

  2. The three jumps (scaling and growth) needed for success, including (1) the jump from niche focus to ceiling, (2) the jump from initial startup stage to bigger business unit, and (3) the jump from a single focus to variety.

  3. The understanding of three forces that drive our world, science discovery, technological migration, and societal changes.

  4. The understanding of history cycling.

  5. The understanding of technology diffusion

  6. The understanding of business life cycle and product life cycle.

  7. The three dimensional progression of your maturation and knowledge acquisition.

  8. The understanding of trends (such as law)

  9. The understanding of timing, and starting in advance.

  10. The elements of people, resource and materials.

The most fundamental three processes that one must understand, about yourself, about product to market, and about the startup experience.

See startup life cycles explained in detail.

Three dimensions of personal preparedness.

A personal journey after college.

There are two ways that guarantee you to be on the path when it is first time.

Number One, quit your job. The minute you quit your job, you have started. People stay in the comfort zone is the single biggest reason that few people start.

Number Two, sees a BIG business opportunity and jump on it. Build and catch the timing. Eventually, if you don't do it, everyone will be doing it.


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