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Best Analogy of Startup - it's like baking, it's a skill

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Many people talk about startup, entrepreneurship and jobs in inter-changable manner. Many people don't know if it is hobby, or for money, or for solving problems. There is significant "guidance fog" or "hobby fog" for first time entrepreneurs, whether they trying to start a local business (restaurant, roofing) or in a 'startup culture'.

Startup is a skill. Not a theater or a story itself. Startup needs to be learned and practiced.

We plot the entire process of a person starting up, from the time the person is a student, to the time that a company reaches the ceiling of growth.

What books to read about startups? To read books on startups without launching and failure first is like becoming good with bakery by reading recipe books alone.

The following analogy also applies:

  • startup is a skill like learning to swim;

  • startup is a skill like learning to drive;

  • startup finding a customer is like dating and marriage proposal;

  • startup is benefits with discounts;

  • startup is like sending a rocket to the orbit;

  • startup is business, and there is no vacuum in business. If there is vacuum, it is desert. Startup is like D-Day landing and capture beach heads - you want to find the place to attack and not sacrifice your entire frontal resource in one battle. Eventually you want to win the war, but a war takes steps and stages to win.

Even before you launch or plunge, you need to practice and prepare. You don't need to quit full time job right away, and don't believe that a entrepreneur job is necessarily better than a corporate job. When you start, you will appreciate the networking and customer funnel your current organization have. You need to lay the foundations and pave the road even before you start.

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