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Business Idea Generator

The core of a business idea is to connect offering to what people want. Keep in mind two basic facts:

1. A company does not automatically have business;

2. Just because everyone agrees does not mean there is business;

There are many new ideas and many opportunities. But business is rare. Business comes from human behavior - whether sales happen is a behavior not a logic thing or "clever" thing. You can do the best to offer a service to bring food from grocery for free to local residents door - but they still don't want it. There is no logic to why sales happen or happen - you must prove it on the ground or trust your instinct. Business with profitable and stable revenue stream does not get invented everyday.

Business is rare. There is no new business under the sun. An entrepreneur merely invent new ways to revolutionize old business with new models and new methods.

It is also important to recognize that it takes long time for anything new to turn into business, even if you are absolutely on the right track.

Business is many sales. But the first proof of sale is the hardest. If people accept your offer, that is business. Otherwise it is aspirational guess.

A sales relation is based on perceived value and trust. Sales can not be commanded or designed - if it does not happen it does not happen. The critical spark or validation is when someone pays for your offerings, not ignoring them or be given for below cost price. It is not sustainable.

Much of business idea design comes from experience not instincts or logic. Experience makes people like Jobs seeming to walking in the dark and lead people. Not everybody can navigate uncertainty.

It is under these facts that we want to introduce the idea generator to help you mold your thoughts into a BD - a business method for making profits for yourself and providing value solutions for your customers.

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