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Dare: Break out the infinite thinking loop - a how to guide

Many people find transitioning to entrepreneurship mysterious. They stay in the "thinking loop" forever trying to come with ideas that are big, unique, and safe. However, they have many ideas. They do not have ways to compare and predict the uncertainties. Hence they are stuck.


A question like this is very common:

"Hello, I am beyond ready to find a direction. Put my head down and grind it out. I’m more than willing to endure the ups and downs, the triumphs and tribulations of starting a business. I want to be a free man in this world. The problem is I just have no idea WHERE to start. I see all these opportunities and I am suffering from analysis paralysis. I would like to test and hone my skills by starting multiple small scale side hustles. Where would you say are some opportunities to be had? Or should I just do my due diligence in the markets I am already interested in to determine my choice?"

Why is it hard to "pull trigger"?

How to mitigate the uncertainty?

Strategies and hacks.

Basic rules for figuring out which is better?


Why it is hard to pull trigger?

  1. You do not want to miss out;

  2. You feel obliged to have "unique" "original" ideas;

  3. They believe broad scanning will produce the best result.


How to mitigate the uncertain and ease the "guilt"?

  1. Every idea can be executed, and every market can make millionaires;

  2. Many good ideas are waiting for you once you dig deep;

  3. Executing any idea to the market and build full potential takes a life time.


Tricks and hacks:

  1. Build a finished product that you can build.

  2. Go to the market and investigate any market.

  3. Associate yourself with any group of target audience. If there are 1000 people and each spend 1000 dollars with you, you are a millionaire.


Which idea is better?

  1. the one that has timing and trend on its side is better;

  2. the one that will result in a product that everyone will need is better;

  3. the one that you have direct experience with the problem or building is better.

Every market is a millionaire maker.


  1. there is money everywhere to be made, except for places with no competition or completely "unique";

  2. every market has people and every market can make millionaires.


Quara questions:

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