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Etsy: Top five wedding gift stores on Etsy

We will review the top wedding/bridal stores on Etsy with best sales speed. Let's find what sells on Etsy. By learning from the best you can identify your own Etsy niche. For each store we will at least review their total sales and age of operating on Etsy. When applicable we discuss the average pricing of their items.

Modparty has been in business on Etsy since November 2013. It sells wedding gifts and related merchandise in many gift categories. It has sold over 1 million items online. There are many distinctive unique gift items there to be discovered.

A wedding specialty shop that has sold over 300k items. Most items sell for 10 dollars without free shipping. Like the top three stores, this store was formed in 2014.

Another wedding store with a wider supply. This store sells T shirts and has made over 238,000 sales. It was started in 2015 on Etsy. The great wedding stores on this list started in sequence - Modparty, Everly Grace, and then Up2OurNecks.

This used to be a Mom gift place and then started to pivot into wedding gifts. It has 212,000 sales and only started in October 2019. Way to go!

This story hails from South Carolina. It sells many one of a kind items including phone covers, clothing, and T-shirts. It has sold over 169,000 items, mostly under wedding and bachelorette party favors. This store started even earlier than ModParty, in 2011.

A bonus honorable mention here...

This is a wedding store with over 130k sales made. We close this current list with yet one more wedding bachelorette party favor store. It ships items such as bridesmaid dresses from Sydney Australia, with free shipping to USA customers. Typical shipping time is only 2 weeks - check it out.


Most take home messages are:

The majority of Etsy customers is 18-24 year old women. It is not a surprise that these wedding/bridal/bachelorette party favor stores are so popular. They make up 4 of the top 22 (the other category is jewelry).

However, the majority of shop owners are man (57%) with age of 25-34.

About us:

SevenParallel Consulting conducts Etsy Market research. We can provide market research on shops and products. You can follow us on Youtube. Beginners could check out udemy course on Etsy shop starting. Our course and research can help people find what to sell on Etsy.

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