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Five elemental steps to make a sale on a store

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Before you have a first sale in your online store, you will need to go through the following elemental steps.

1. First BUILD your store.

You can build a store anywhere as long as it has a URL address. You can build it on etsy, in Amazon, or in a stand alone website. If you build it on Shopify, Etsy or Amazon, you are on someone else's platform. If you build a stand alone website, you are truly on your own.

A good look store should take anywhere between 400-2000 dollars to build initially. You want it to be professional - to inspire confidence.

2. Second, get people to visit your store.

There are billions of people, but no one will automatically visit you. Social network such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube may help, but the effect is not as strong as you are led to believe.

In any case, you need to form a simple but effect strategy to get people to your store. Ideally, you should get qualified and targetted buyers into your store (called organic traffic).

If you don't target, no one will come.

There are two power hacks to increase traffic today:

  1. SEO: letting Google or other search engines be your funnel start.

  2. Join a market: A market has many stores, you will have competition, but you will also have traffic.

Teensharks market funnel
Teensharks: A market or shop sits between a channel and a funnel.
See this lantern fish? it has a great funnel trap and a lead magnet, a lantern.

3. Third, stock the store with merchandise.

Your virtual store shelf must have things for people to browse, ideally many choices. If you don’t have products, buy a product from a local grocery story and list it online. It is a short cut to a quick start. You won't make money, but you will learn important lessons still.

Ideally, your store should have 5-10 items, and should grow at a constant pace without diluting your central appeal and focus. startup school and seven parallel consulting.
No one will come to your online store to see one product on sale.

4. Fourth, hustle and wait.

Not every visitor will buy. Not every social network fans or followers will go to your store. Traffic will only slowly streaming in. No one becomes instantly famous. Your sale will only happen if you have large enough traffic.

Every 100 visitor to your store turns into one buy. Every 100,000 web follower turns into ONE VISITOR.

Here is a hack

To make your first sale, you can indeed buy it from your own store. I know it is stupid, but that is how it works for many. But it is also THAT SIMPLE. If you don’t want to do this, then just wait. BOOST YOUR VISITOR count, then you will surely sell it.

5. Grow and adjust

To do business successfully, you must find quickly what people like to buy, and provide them. People don't want to buy what you want to sell them. They want to buy what they come to buy.

No matter how someone is smart, you can not be right the first time. You must make adjustment, and you must niche down and then pivot to grow and scale. If your store does not grow, you will eventually be bored anyways.

Here is a hack.

In most online market platforms, when you add items, your subscribers or fans would automatically be notified.


Remember NO ONE WILL DISCOVER Your store by accident. A first sale is NOT an accident, it is a sure thing, but you must learn the trick.

It is like a seed will surely grow - but you need to learn how to water it right.

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