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Five mind tricks of Elon Musk

Anyone can become Elon Musk by mastering five different thinking. The key to become Elon Musk is not smart. Elon Musk think not smarter, but differently. Let’s talk about the five mind tricks of Elon Musk, so you know how you can become one yourself.

Many people admire entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. However, most people do not know that everyone can become Elon Musk. The difference between Elon Musk and ordinary people are laughably small.

The five things that can makes a Elon Musk out of everyone are summarized here.

1. Don’t over think.

2. Start doing and making.

3. Do a big idea, not a cute idea.

4. Start young.

5. Be patient.


Most people think and never execute. They typically do the following:

1. They want to have a perfect idea.

2. They want to have a unique different idea. They want to do something no one has done.

The mistake is a faulty logic. Most people think that smart thinking will generate funding, and funding will make them become a boss, and they can make employees do the work they don’t know how to do. I hope you can see why this is wrong.


Most people never start to make what they think. They never turn an idea into a tangible product. Mostly it is because making a product involves a lot of work. This is the test to differentiate a pretender from a real entrepreneur.

This is perhaps related to the first mistake, where people believe a better idea will help them avoid doing the physical work. Like the John Lennon song, life is what happens when you are busy making plans.

Elon Musk knows these:

1. If you have a good idea, you are solely responsible for showing it to people.

2. Good ideas happen after you start, not before.

3. People can only pay you for what you have already made. No one pays for an idea.


Most people think about a cute, fringe, and useful idea, but what they fail to get funding is the idea is small. There are two ways to recognize such ideas:

1. The total addressable market is small – the idea won’t affect the lives of a lot of people.

2. There are too many existing alternatives. Yours is just better.

Elon Musk wants to make a rocket. A rocket can potentially affect the life of everyone on earth. It is not a commodity product. A rocket is also the only way people can travel to Mars.

An entrepreneur made a smart recyclable hand soap bottle. It is very useful and very cute. However, most people would be happy buying a cheap soap bar from the shelf.


Many people started too late. Although there is no exact rule about the age to become entrepreneur, it is definitely true that starting early is very advantageous.

Benefits of starting young:

1. Your loss is controlled because you don’t have a family to worry about.

2. You gain the mindset early and then you can wait.

There are many companies with a lot of money and a lot of smart employees. The advantage when you start young is tremendous, because the employees and these companies are not young.

The mindset is a unique way of thinking that no one can teach you. It is something only you can teach yourself by practicing. A swimmer’s mindset can only be gained when you jump into the pool. A bicycle rider’s mindset can only be gained when you fall a couple of times from the bike. Doing business is just like riding bike and swim – you must start to do it and reprogram your mindset.

Many people ask what is a good book or the best book to teach entrepreneurship. Well, every book is good but no book will be enough. You must get into the business, preferably young.


Benefit of being patient:

1. You wait for the opportunity to arrive, instead of forcing one.

2. When the right opportunities happen, you are prepared. You have insider knowledge, capital, and experience.

Most people never start and never have patience. People like Elon Musk start young and then wait. Starting anything takes time. Most people want a smart idea that produce instant result.


To summarize, here is what Elon Musk and you think differently. Most people are impatient, and yet they keep on thinking forever. If they don’t have a perfect idea they think it is because they need to be more clever. They waste time improving. They end up having a small idea that they cherish, but never commit to making but spend all the time asking for funding. By the time they realize this mistake, if they ever, they have already passed the golden age of start and missed many opportunities.


Musk is not smarter. His brain is wired a bit differently. Everyone can tinker with the wiring of their smarts, by doing some daring practice.

What makes Elon Musk successful is not because he is smart. Most people are smart enough already. Fortune favors the bold, not the clever A student. This is why.

Don’t waste time making yourself smarter. You are already smart enough.

Focus, and then grow your focus.

Mostly everyone waste their life thinking about an easier way. People like Elon Musk never do the easy things.

Elon Musk is smart enough to be an A student. But he is not Elon Musk because of school teaching.

Thanks for watching. This is a production of the business channel and Seven Parallel Consulting.

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