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Founders Goal #3: Build a relation and habit of buying

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

The last stage of a founder' goal is to have a thriving business, a thriving company, a valuable offering that profits for the company and that no one can copy or infringe.

A successful business can be thought of having made a good bait for a profitable kind of fish. The fish LOVES this bait. Over time, they only take the bait from this company because it has a special flavor they like. Everyone loves the company because the lake owners and the fish and the market all know that if you want to get this fish, you buy bait from this company. Other companies can make the bait, and taste similar. But too late. Everyone only associate this bait with this fish. To find the company name, you don't need to type fish bait, you just type the first four letters of the company and Google suggestion box already pops out. That is brand power. That is why the fish likes it, and that is why the company makes money hand over fist.

Dr. Chang Liu's startup
Most first time entrepreneurs often miss the following elements - repeats, talent, and profit mechanism.

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