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How do I learn entrepreneur skill? How do I become an entrepreneur?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

How do I learn entrepreneurship? how do I become an entrepreneur? what is the best guide I can find? what is entrepreneurship learning all about?

There are four things to remember about entrepreneurship.

  1. Entrepreneurship is building a business. Business at the core is value for money. At the core, a business is a store within a market. When you do entrepreneurship, think about yourself opening a market.

  2. Entrepreneurship is a mindset. Like bicycle riding and swimming, the balance is not something others can describe to you. You must experience it, no matter how rich or how talented you are.

  3. Entrepreneurship success is on avoiding all obstacles and mistakes. There are many possible ways to fail, and you must know all of them for yourself. The only way to know them is to experience them. It is like crashing your bicycle. All successful entrepreneurs have failed. The media and themselves generally don't emphasize that failure.

  4. The skills can not be taught in schools, and the first failure is unavoidable. At schools, they can not simulate the lack of empathy, the competition, and the doubt people have about your products.


What entrepreneurship entails?

At the core, entrepreneurship is selling. You need to build a store, recruit customers, and sell things to them to make profits.

This sounds easy! however, you need to remember three things that makes this store hard:

  1. this store takes money to run;

  2. there are many stores;

  3. the store needs to make products in the back of the shop.

In a world that is very specialized, heavily capitalized and heavily internationalized, the competition to make products, find crowed, selling the products, and defending against competition is harder than ever.


What is the process?

How does a product becomes sold?

How does an idea become a prototype and product?

The process is full of possible failures. It is a competition because it is something everyone wants - to have followers and sell things to them.


What is a store? what are store owners crafts?

A store craft involves many aspects. Even if you make a great product, you have to sell it yourself. There are several aspects:

  1. establish the store;

  2. building the store front;

  3. recruit customers;

  4. build the product and merchandise display;

  5. serve the customers;

  6. build the products;

  7. maintain quality.


What is a supply chain?


There are many failure modes. Like a boat takig a voyage. There are many holes and each can sink a ship.

The holes are only revealed when you are in the boat. The risks and the failures can not be avoided.

There are many iterations of trying and failing that has to happen before one can embarked on the right path.


Why people can not and do not teach?

The humbleness comes from the failure. The over confidence can only be removed by experience. Hence all first time entrepreneurs are smart, and all second time entrepreneurs are smart and humble.

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