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How to achieve success? what is the key to have success in life?

Most people think that being a good student, work hard, be kind, have strong passion are the keys to success. What are the key things you must do to have success in life?

Table of Contents

  1. What is success?

  2. What are traits of successful people?

  3. What hacks and steps to make sure you are extraordinary?

  4. What are some examples of successful people and how did they get there?

  5. How to be a millionaire?

Success is knowing that you can fail all you want and it is still OK.
If you know every way to fail, then you have succeed.

Success is to be extraordinary. To do that you must be different from ordinary people. Ordinary people have the following traits:

  1. they avoid mistakes and errors;

  2. they stay perfect;

  3. they work hard but they don't have access to business.

Successful people fail freely, they fail early, and they fail often.

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant misses shots a lot. Jordan's career 3 pt average is 25%. That means he misses four shots for every one.

The more you shoot, the more fail. The more you fail, the more you make.


Failure is not mistake, not error, not bad, and not even a sign of weakness. Failure is simply you experiencing knowing that you were not taught. It means you are trying, and it means you are learning.

Failure is not predicted and projected. You must be there physically to access the knowledge and access the failure.


There are many ways to fail. It is like holes on the bottom of a boat. You only know the holes are there when the boat is in the water. You must patch every hole - a single hole can sink the ship.



How to design a path of success and productivity?

  1. you must find your own game that you can win. For that you need to try a lot of things.

  2. you need to find your focus and repeat that. For that you need to try.

  3. After you find what you do the best, then you keep failing and trying.

Our creator made us all successful. However, we must solve that puzzle in our lifetime.


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