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Ideas across the industries - Ideas everywhere

There are ideas everywhere. Ideas are as many as there are sand grains on a beach. Never be satisfied with finding an idea. Never keep your idea secret. Trade your small idea for a big idea.

The business world is divided across at least three realms: the end consumer, the market and channel, and the industry. The industry is separated from the consumer by the channel. Industries consists of chains of companies. Each companies serving the down stream company, until the industry reaches the market.

Keep in mind the following when you make an idea.

A lot of entrepreneurs are stuck in the following:

  1. they want to make new things

  2. they want to make it and solve problems of people they don't even know

  3. they want to get investment to help them do this

  4. some don't know how to code but they want to pay someone to create the central piece of their empire

Well this is all wrong. A lot of great ideas happen in the industry itself. I personally think the best startup projects are those which have helped ease operational problems either in terms of speed, efficiency etc. Best of luck !!

  • Some examples from India (ClearTax eased Tax process, arduous task for general people)

  • RazorPay (Payment Gateway integration was a pain before this, they created an awesome process to integrate PGs from developer point of view)

  • Postman (API testing was pain, solved by them)

  • BrowserStack (Browser testing for frontend engineers)

These are all fairly niche challenges and some of them have side projects evolved into full-scale products).

Remember, if you can not create, just RECREATE. If you can not disrupt, just improve.

You can make a second tier product, you can make a quick follower. As long as you don't blatantly copy and infringe, it is OK to improve.

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