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In Startup, the first time is always a dud

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

When you startup, keep avoiding the thoughts of "how did people succeed" and how I can avoid a mistake.

The first time is always a failure. This is the learning. This is the lesson.

You have been doing so well in school, at church, at work. You are due a failure. You owe some growing up to yourself. Really hard growing up.

The following are reasons to explain why failures are NECESSARY, and MANDATORY:

  1. Startup is go further in life than anyone has regularly experienced. You learn valuable lessons, and the lessons are called Ways to Fail.

  2. Failure is arranged by the market and channel to prevent you from succeeding. If you know only 2000 ways to fail, and there are 2010 ways, you fail.

  3. Startup is valuable knowledge no one will teach you.

  4. Failure is where you get the humbleness and wisdom.

  5. Our society and culture HIDE THE STORIES OF FAILURES. It is not good news. But it is critical.

  6. The competition is fierce, and there is no way you prepare for it in vacuum. There is no vacuum, and there is nothing to chance up on by "smart thinking". The only way to do a startup success is to get audience, get quality, get them happy and get them to pay. Then you have to protect your turf. For that, you need to erect barrier with talents. To have talents you must have designed this right.

Key difference between a newbie and a veteran:

A veteran never compared anymore. A newbie keeps finding other people's wrongs.
A veteran knows now why the simplest business is hard. They have been christened by the fire.

The dilemma for a newbie to be a veteran is very subtle. It is like someone trying to get a perfect marriage to "avoid any mistakes".

A newbie would not understanding any warning signs, when such warning signs are vital.

Startup success is easy. You prepare, and you succeed. The best and pretty much ONLY PREPARATION is a personal experience.

Startup a business is business, not ideas and thinking. Startup is always competitive.


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