In Startup, the first time is always a dud

Updated: Jun 26

When you startup, keep avoiding the thoughts of "how did people succeed" and how I can avoid a mistake.

The first time is always a failure. This is the learning. This is the lesson.

You have been doing so well in school, at church, at work. You are due a failure. You owe some growing up to yourself. Really hard growing up.

Key difference between a newbie and a veteran:

A veteran never compared anymore. A newbie keeps finding other people's wrongs.

A veteran knows now why the simplest business is hard. They have been christened by the fire.

The dilemma for a newbie to be a veteran is very subtle. It is like someone trying to get a perfect marriage to "avoid any mistakes".

A newbie would not understanding any warning signs, when such warning signs are vital.


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