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It is all FOUNDER's Job

Here I discuss

- a founder's job

- a founder's responsibilities

- a founder's training

A founder acts solo, but listens to everyone. Building a company and provide valuable things to audience is entirely a founder's job. There is not many things on earth that MUST BE done. Go find your only thing. That is being a founder.

A founder has no helper, but must get help from everyone

A founder must build a vast number of things, at a time he/she probably has no experience.

A founder needs to build the following

A survivable business

A company that supports that business

A name of the company and the offering

A path to the market and audience

Many of founder's work is soft, not physical.

- founder builds quality

- founder builds profit

- founder builds relations

Many of founds's skills are soft, not physical.

- humbleness and willingness to learn

- confidence and perseverence

A founder works and suffers alone. Everyone else is a hitch hiker and profit reaper. (Except for perhaps one or two). A founder build in advance, silently and lonely, so that his company would have a deep branded relationship with its audience one day. Only he knew it.

Founders build. Founders don't just think.
Founders choose. They don't try things.
Founders choose once and work for three years. They don't choose three times in a year.

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