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Mastering the scholar to entrepreneurship transition

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

A scholar is broadly defined as someone who has never run a business for himself before. A scholar is a student, professor, an employee in a company, or a tinkerer.

In entrepreneurship, hard things like acquiring a business mindset is actually not hard at all. But making a safety pin that can have market competitiveness is actually the hard part. Most people confuse the hard and easy.

Most people want to do entrepreneurship because they want financial freedom.

School was the comfort zone. Your success is just successfully getting out of school. All success at school and work was arranged, with your potential not fully explored.

Imagine, if everything the schools ever teach you is not nearly enough and almost all wrong! that is the case in fact. How come you did not know that? because you were a good student.

Do schools help me become business or entrepreneurs or not? No.

Business is not trying.

The parts of getting business mindset is actually easy. The part of selling something to someone is hard.

The three things are hard:

  1. finding who wants to BUY what.

  2. having people willing to pay for a price that you can make a profit with.

  3. defending yourself against dirty copycats

Three things you have to wait for the second time start not the first:

  1. designing a good business to start.

  2. finding a great partner.

  3. making high quality products at insanely low and controlled cost.

Life is what life teaches you. Life is not your school or book or yourself teaches yourself. You succeed when you mastered life. You get rich when you mastered life.

Is investment important? how does a company make profit? these must be exactly understood.


You must learn to handle your job and your finances well. Business people do not make money automatically. Having a company does not mean you have business. No one will help, even if they you know need it and they can.


Some people want to do this at a young age.

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