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Paradoxes and Clouds Surrounding Entrepreneurship

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

When you start you are entering the business world. A business can only be started and can only exist in the physics of the business.

There are many things that is hard to understand. Because if your parents and teachers don't have business experience, they can not teach you any.

  1. Everything is easy, as long as you know they are hard;

  2. You will have success sooner, if you start to fail;

  3. Ordinarily people do not make mistakes. Perfect people are ordinary.

  4. Usual people succeed. Perfect people work for them.

  5. There is money everywhere in business. But if you don't know you won't make a penny.

  6. Business is for the good, but there are many bad people. Never reject business because of the bad people. Business is true, not right or wrong. If you do it for the money, no one will give you.

  7. In you give, you will get.

  8. If you sacrifice, you will acquire and gain. The more you sacrifice, the more you gain..

  9. School is not a place of learning. There is money and knowledge in the smallest market sector.

  10. Success people are humble.

  11. Business is full of risk. If a boat has 2000 holes, the holes can only be known and you must patch every hole for the boat not to sink. When you are close to a rish, you see it. When you see it, it is too late.

  12. Business is full of money. You however won't get a single penny for free. But if you are unique but not enough unique you don't get any.

  13. Invention is not innovation. Tinkering with a perfect product slowly will never result in business.

  14. The business is a new world. You need to be unique, but not weird, not novel, not different, not improvement.

  15. Treat your first time as guaranteed failure. It is easier to assume that. Don't shoot too high either. People on second time can make a 1 million with ease, but a first timer will find it hard to make a penny.

  16. All the success stories never tell the whole truth. In fact, most stories are survivorship bias stories - they survived, not succeeded because of a few trait.


There are other paradoxical situations:

  1. Do you go for a small crowd and make a lot of money or do you go for a big crowd and make small amount of money?

  2. Should I be slow fast?

  3. Are the skills I learned useful or do I need to learn new ones?

  4. For your first time, you had 10 people who knows nothing advising you and three people who wanted to tell you something but stopped. You did not listen to the people you should not listen to, and you did not listen to anyone.

  5. You did not have business experience, but you think you are clever. You did not know the market dynamics, but you think you can get lucky. You did not know how to get profits, but you think it will eventually come.

  6. A person should work hard, study hard, be nice, be loving, care, etc. But that is not enough. If you want to change, you must persuade people who don't want it.

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