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Choosing, design and plan a business launch

Updated: May 3, 2020

There are five steps. One is to understand elements and their connections. Second is to understand progression. Third is to choose a industry and business. Fourth is to design a business. Fifth is to make a business plan.


Understand the elements:

quality, value, brand, talent, profit


The progression of a startup company, from research to brand


When choosing a business, keep in mind there are only six businesses:

  1. the attraction business

  2. the market builder business

  3. the land business

  4. the product building business

  5. the tool building business

  6. the channel business

First, try to get into the fattest market. That market satisfy the following:

  1. It affects everyone

  2. It requires everyone multiple dealings and everyday

  3. the item gets consumed immediately

  4. it is a natural human behavior

  5. it is scalable if necessary

Try to sneak into such a sector with right time.

If you have a good job at a critical node, value it. This include teachers, police, librarians, etc.

If you are in the fringe, backstage, then try to make the HIGHEST QUALITY item and the highest price item.

However, if there is already a price leader, or a low price provider is there, then don't get in.

Otherwise, try to get into key nodes of the supply chain.


A good design involves the following items multiplied

  1. end audience size

  2. initial niche and scalable

  3. constant refreshing

  4. repeat scaling

  5. good value extremely valuable and ridiculously cheap

  6. value accepted with pay, payment extraction

  7. fits one of the six business

  8. compulsory

  9. regular

  10. consumed

  11. no expiration date

  12. entertaining.

  13. magic and secret sauce

  14. attractiveness

  15. both industry supply chain and consumer are friends of you

Design these elements into the business design.


Business plan

The execution of the business design


The execution depends on four other things

1. You found your onliness

2. You got a good name

3. You know how to build barriers

4. You know people (hire, network)

5. Build a strategy of basic fixed revenue.

The math for startup success is here.

Startup is growing of the founder, the business and the company.

The life run is shown here.

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