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Seven Questions Frequently Asked by NewbiesStartup: Biggest Book S1E1

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Beginners, newbies, wannapreneurs always ask seven questions. They ask on Reddit communities such as u/entrepreneur, u/startup, u/smallbusiness_ideas. These seven questions are:

  1. Is this idea good? or is it good enough?

  2. I came upon an idea. Can I do something about it?

  3. If I make something would someone pay for it?

  4. I am 21 in college, what actions can I take?

  5. I made a prototype. Now what do I do?

  6. What books do you recommend?

  7. Can I get investment for my efforts?

Startup is the biggest book. It is the most difficulty and longest journey. Hence not many people can describe it for you.

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