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To the point startup books - list of lists

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Startup involves business, investment, technology, vision, market, personal development, and experience. It is always a process of failing forward, learn on the fly, , hustle through tough times, and building a barrier of entry to prevent competitors.

For a beginner, a number of good books are listed here:

They are: [click link for table of contents]

  1. Straight talk for startups, rules for breaking rules

  2. Starting a business, all in one

  3. They made America

  4. Founders at work

  5. How to design a startup business idea

  6. Toward entrepreneurship

  7. The obstacle is the way

  8. The hard thing about hard things

Best sellers are best selling because they don't want to offend you. They tell you something soft and "makes sense". Reading too many best sellers does not result in expertise.

It is important to keep in that that:

  1. every book contributes something, or emphasize a particular viewpoint.

  2. reading books without practicing is like reading a bunch of baking recipes or famous stories of chefs, or reading a bunch of swimming techniques and swimmer bios. They are no replacement for the actual learning - which is experience.

  3. Books about failures and real insights are not popular ... what I mean is that bad news don't sell. So keep that in mind when you read the books - the real hardship is often buried.

Once you do the startup cycle once, you understand all the books, and wished you had read them more carefully.

Good judgement comes from experience, which largely comes from bad judgement.


Good books about start stories:

The best book you read is to do it. Then you are learning really valuable stuff you can not buy, called "priceless".

Good practical reading about marketing and consumers


Good practical book about inspirational tales

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