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Startup is easy, once you know it is hard

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Is startup easy or hard? I want to do something new, I want to work for myself, I want to get rich, I want to solve problems for people. I know how to program and code. I am willing to work hard. Is this enough to startup?

The biggest risk is not knowing the risks are there.

Risks are all hidden and never taught, on purpose.

Startup is actually the easiest thing. It is as easy as grass growing everywhere. Startup is performed in the framework of nature and society, not in your head and vacuum.

You need to realize the following:

Startup is catching nature's lightning in bottles. it is not inventing lightnings.

Startup has three stages. Preparation, launch, grow. It takes 30 years.

Startup is to find people who likes to keep what you made.

Startup is picking a business and build it from scratch.

Startup is building a trusted relation overtime and win people's trust through quality and beating back competitors.

You start a business. A company just support the business. Business is natural, and its existence and growth is selected by nature and ecosystem preference. No perfect design can guarantee it. so just try.


The distance between a veteran and a newbie is paper think:

You launch and fail once, you are a veteran.

The distance between a veteran and newbie is sweats and labors and experiences away:

Newbie is a book smart person. Veteran learn deep knowledge through experience and repeated failures.

The wrong way to start a startup would only guarantee you learning and struggle, which is worthwhile enough, but it won't guarantee a rich, profitable company. Just like when you pick up gardening for the first time, you won't be able to grow a nice apple tree and sell the fruits.

Knowing the wrong startup point and motivations is important.

  1. don't do brand new stuff that did not exist before

  2. don't solve a problem for strangers and then sell the solution to strangers

  3. don't try to "benefit the world" in vacuum, the world is connected ecosystem

  4. don't try to "get rich" - starting up is a skill, not a way to get rich. Some people got rich, but getting rich is not common. Startup is just a job. Forget the passive income non-sense - you are passive only when your company scaled to beyond two or three people and have profits. Otherwise the paying customers would tie you to the phone all day.

Veterans have a lot of hacks. They know all the rules and then bend them (not breaking the rules), the fight the hard battle, hands on deck.


Startup is not being knowledgeable, working hard, trying hard, imaginative.

Startup is not trying to get rich Getting rich is harder than starting up.

Startup fallacies.

Startup steps for newbies.

What is the right starting point of startup?

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