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The Hidden Rich Series (1) Success, leader, rich

Many people would be successful if they know the relation of these three words.


Success is comparative and competitive. If you are more successful, you are successful. But this is the wrong attitude.

What is the criteria for judging success? your answer determines your value - namely what you value as important.

Schools make average success. Business is to learn on your own and you can make extraordinary success but at extraordinary cost.


What is a leader? a leader provides. A leader hustle.

When you have followers who want to benefit from your efforts, you are a leader.

Leaders cooperate and collaborate. They are kind and ruthless.


Rich is not the one with a lot of money. Rich is because of business.

Money is water, and business is river. The rich are made over generations and their money is steadily and happily accumulated. They count money coming in and never the money they saved.

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