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The Top Three Secrets of Steve Jobs As Innovator

Top innovators, in retrospect, invariably do three things right.

(1) At the sight of a sales opportunity, to establish a company;

(2) They all think about big business to start.

(3) They throw away 1000 ideas and keep only one.

Throw away 1000 ideas. Focus on only one thing, ten years at a time.

In contact, most newbie entrepreneurs are exactly opposite. Here it is:

(1) Newbie entrepreneurs want to build something first, and then try to sell what they build.

(2)They are not picky about if the business they start is big or not. They just want a company so badly that they will start anything, not knowing the many things won't grow.

(3) They cherish the one idea they have, and never really develop a second idea. They keep it a secret, preventing anyone to talk to them and collaborate.

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