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Three steps to build ecommerce business

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

How can you build an ecommerce business? This is a big question, and has a clear but big answer. Let me explain to folks who may not have experience, nor skills, or money, or even patience.

What are the elements that need to be assembled? what are the steps to assemble them? how do I become an entrepreneur? It is like asking "what is the best way to become a President", or "How do I win an Olympic gold medal". The answers are not easy to explain, but is quite easy in the end.


To build a business, you need to build three things - the product, the store, and the way to draw potential interested prospects to you.

To sell something, you don't find customers. Let the customers find you.
How to build ecommerce business?
How to build a business.

There are billions of ways to assemble these three pieces of puzzels - there are endless niches, endless markets (Amazon, your local main street, Etsy, etc). Business building is like assembly a lego toy free style. Where do you start? how do you know which one, which place, to whom you can sell?

Business is free style play - you start to learn after you start, you start to get idea after you start. Business is not for getting money - business is just a game.

Building business is like kids playing lego.
Building business is like playing with Lego. You have to start to play it.
The answer needs to be found. You must get in first. You find them in a market by living in it. No one tells you trade secrets. No books teach. No teachers know.

To connect the products to your customers, you must do what. Work has a very fancy term called "value". You work and add value. For example, a customer in rural Florida may not know that a product from a Chinese factory exist - now she knows and she buys it - it is because of the value you provided.

Value is sweat equity.

In summary, you need to take the following three steps:

  1. Build an easy business and learn.

  2. Learn a niche market inside and out, by being in it.

  3. Overtime you have insight, and you can build better product, build better stores, and find richer customers.

Overall to build a business, you need to assemble four elements:

  1. the products

  2. the market

  3. the store

  4. the funnel.

A social network for example or a blog is a funnel. It is not the store nor the product. A blog attracts people to a website, which host a store. If the store has no product, then people won't buy anything - because there is nothing to buy.

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