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Top Digital Art Stores on Etsy

Are you an artist interested in selling designs and arts to more fans? come to Etsy and try your hands.

We will review the top four stores on Etsy selling digital art. Their product range include pet portraits, knitting patterns, and wall arts. Take a look at these great inspirations. For each store we review their total sales, niche selection, average price, and age of the store.

Disclaimer: market data is collected and presented as of June 29, 2021.

A store that specializes crochet patter digital downloads has sold over 390K products in 11 years of doing business on Etsy. Most products are priced at 5.50 dollars.

Want to have a party? you need invitations, signs, thank you cards, and the whole nine yards. This store is a one stop store for you. Digital party invitation, signs, and paper products. It sold 183000 copies.

Digital crochet pattern downloads. It sold over 143570 copies.

Digital crochet pattern downloads from Europe, it sold over 132,000 copies since 2008.

This store sold over 30,000 digital art design for knitting and crocheting animals.

This store has sold over 7000 digital art prints for wall and home decoration.

This personalized portrait and cartoon shop was started during the pandemic and has sold over 2500 art pieces, all digitally.

The top selling Etsy digital art stores summarized. For more information go to the link below.

Check out our Etsy market data base page

This webpage contains further information:

  • more information about each store (such as selling speed and shipment costs);

  • additional stores in all 8 categories of Etsy including smaller stores.

  • sorting and ranking by items and keywords


Most important store keywords are:

Wedding, Jewelry, Women, Gifts, Greetings and self expression, and Craft supplies (Zipper, Leather, Stickers, Stone, beads, yarns, etc). The top four stores says it all. The top four categories are: Jewelry, craft supplies and wedding.

The majority of Etsy customers is 18-24 year old women. None of the top stores sell man related items. (But don't worry, there are plenty of stores selling those, as I will review later). Two exceptions are puzzles for children and crafting supplies for seniors.

However, the majority of shop owners are man (57%) with age of 25-34.

About us:

SevenParallel Consulting conducts Etsy Market research. We can provide market research on shops and products. You can follow us on Youtube. Beginners could check out udemy course on Etsy shop starting. Our course and research can help people find what to sell on Etsy.

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