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Top Six Reasons People Are Stuck in Neutral Gear of Starting Up - Startup School 101

Startup School reviews six top reasons why people find it hard to startup a business.

A lot of people are interested in startup but they never get to the execution stage. They want to know how to do it? is there idea good? They keep thinking about many ideas and never pull trigger. Why is their startup truck forever stuck on the neutral gear?

There are six primary reasons.

(1) Many people don't want to quit their job. They want to have the comfort of salary provision while growing a business. They don't realize that "To Startup A Business is a FULL TIME BUSINESS".

(2) Many people want to form a company first and then try to make money. They should find a business to do first, and then form a company to legally conduct the business. Business is the activity of transactions. An entrepreneur either makes something others want, or make them and then convince others to accept it. The latter route is extremely tough, unless you have a lot of money to burn and wait.

(3) Many people cannot let go of the sense of superior ego. They were good engineers, professors, or senior managers in companies. They don't understand that "If you want to start, you start from the ground level". No one is entitled to a business because they are "smarter". This applies to everyone.

(4) If you want to "make money", you should not startup a company. A startup companies "tries" by "error" really really hard to find a business to land and extra value to provide. If you want to start when you spot a "money maker" - this will never happen. Money maker that is sure fire is what EVERYONE on earth want. The competition is fierce.

(5) There is no "perfect plan" to start. To startup is to begin making mistakes, one at a time, learn, and ready for the next mistake. Your plan, whatever it is, will never work. That is why an investor always looks at the person, the founder, not the ppt business plan. A seasoned investor knows that the plan never works - it is the honesty and diligence of the founder that counts.Every "successful startup" is successful because they learned all the mistakes that can be made. Most of the mistakes and subsequent "growing up" are never talked about, but they are the real treasure of life and the rare reward of the entrepreneur.

If you get rid of the six notions that I mentioned before, you might let go of a lot of mental barrier that causes your gear to be stuck in neutral. Good luck!

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