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Startup Consultants

The success rate of startups is very low.  The most frequent factors of failures including (1) the founder and the founding team; (2) lack of understanding of market and industry; (3) failure to execute with limited resources, including failure to deliver prototypes.

Many questions are critical for startups and entrepreneurial founders, but they did not know such until they meet their investor, or their potential clients.  What about if there is a consultant who can help explain the nuances and navigate the maze of business design (BD), technology, market, human resources, management, business scaling, investment, growth, and corporate branding?

Seven Parallel Consulting provides a one stop need-based advising to founders.  The SPC is made of experienced entrepreneurial founders who have scars.  We are happy to provide expert services such as:

- Business plan writing and editing;

- Business Design (BD) planning jam sessions;

- Technology readiness evaluations.

- Value proposition design;

- Company exit strategy planning.

SPC charges on hourly basis for most projects.

A collection of startup stories that our founder and team collected over the years.

A collection of reviews written by SPC about great books that deal with the startup process.

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