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Collection of Naive Thinking of First Time Tech Entrepreneur

Many technology entrepreneur hold both fantasies and naive thoughts. We have discussed the collection of fantasies in Startup 101, let's talk about the naive thoughts.

The fundamental reasons for technical people with skills to think naively is:

  1. I am good enough (I know something)

  2. The world needs me (The world needs something)

It takes a long time for great technical people to realize that (1) the world does not need any new things; (2) making things and products is the fringe way of building a business; (3) choosing a niche crowd randomly is not going to go anywhere.

People think they are good enough because they have some personal skills and some interests. They naively think that the world needs to be better and all problems need to be solved.

The naive thinking falls into three categories:

  1. If I build, I will find someone to use it; [Build it and then market it, because I am sure]

  2. If I ask what people want and build it, it would solve problems;

  3. If I build a thing, a MVP (minimal viable product), then I can go ahead and sell it.

In 2020, the "I will give the world something it needs" is dead. If you want to start a business, choose a business to start. Don't start worshipping your idea by trying to raise free money.

A lot of people go on marketing platforms, crowd sourcing places, customer interviews, etc etc, not knowing that all these information are at best misleading. These are diligent people trying to add some more to their "thinking", it is admirable but they don't know that these are NOT enough.

What needs to be done is a hard drive. There is no replacement for that.

Don't be an idea man worshipping the light bulb totem
Naive thhinking of technology entrepreneurs

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