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Experience Is Entrepreneurs' Real Teacher

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

There are millions of business on earth. From Google, Apple, McDonald, to your local grocery store and noodle shop. Everyone was a startup. All businesses and companies were started by someone. There is no copy and paste function for company creation.

Summary: Experience is your only teacher. Better than any book and school. Go ahead and fail, it is what everyone goes through. You can not learn and start. The start is the real learning. Business knowledge is valuable knowledge - so no one will teach you. Your success is learning every way it can fail.

What is this "entrepreneur" thing? is it easy? how hard is it? is there an easy way? Would I be able to find an easy way if I read a lot of books? is there a perfect idea I can think of? is there a perfect chance I can start?

Startup by stumbling off the start line. Everyone fails. So called genius just learn from their own mistakes really fast.
Trust me. There is no easy way. There is no guaranteed success. You are guaranteed to fail, but that is the start of success.

How do I begin? There are four ways:

Method 1: Do something. Stop think.

Method 2: Go ahead and launch. A first failure is almost inevitable, but it is your initiation to the enterprise realm of the world.

Good judgement comes from experience, which mostly comes from bad judgement.

Method 3: Experience. Lean by stepping out of the comfort zone, the books, the bedroom, and the schools. Lean the things books and teachers don't know and don't teach. Valuable knowledge is what no one teach. Hence you must experience. Go to market, to to factory, go to library, go be a bar tender. Just do something other than reading.

You are your own real teacher. The others are just your TA. Learn everything, don't judge lightly. Don't trust anyone lightly, but do find at least one person to fully trust. Just don't only trust yourself.

Method 4: Prepare, train yourself. Train without quitting job. Do site hustles to practice. Go to markets and do reconnaissance. Never hold back your ideas.


The hard way is the right way.

Why is that? let me give two reasons:

Doing anything useful is hard, because the world does not need a lot of things, and the market does not allow a lot of new entrants, and customers are impossible to predict.

If it is easy and you happen to succeed, then the competitors will be jumping all over the place. Shrewd startup entrepreneurs never do something easy, something that is minor improvement. It is not your business.

Startup business is to disrupt. Disrupt the results, disrupt the value. And then get the ecosystems and end consumers to welcome you, because you benefit all.


Experience is where you test your command of knowledge. it is where you mature as a human against the framework of nature. It is not only inevitable, it is necessary, it is the stepping stone. It is the only stepping stone

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