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How to become an entrepreneur

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

What are traits of entrepreneurs?

Is entrepreneurship born or acquired?

How do I become successful entrepreneur?

The good news: You can become rich and free.

The bad news: it takes much longer time.

Let me explain.

Money is water. Business is river. Business is forming a river. It takes timing, determination, and time, to form a fiver.

Business is but a river of relations.

Business is to sell goods to people in a market. You must handle four parts YOURSELF. The goods, the choice and recruiting of buyers, the selling, and entering the market.

Yes there are many billions of ways to form a business.

For an individual with a burning desire, the startup is like this. It takes a ton of hidden learning and trial-error. Success come after a while. It is relation building after all. Like dating.

Watch videos, blogs, simulations, and other resources. I was like you with all the questions.

Business is to hook a high pressure hose up. It is a competition. Winner of every niche wins big. It is a game of specialization. Second place finisher don't get much.

Visit the following resources

A unique course on how to gain mindset of business.
Preview Udemy course: entrepreneur mindset


Some notes to first timers (perhaps good students, good engineers)

Success in life is result of deep specialization. No matter how much skills and ideas you have, pick one and go to the end. You become famous and recognized for any deep specialization.

Every business can be profitable. You have to finish number one. The hose has only one outlet.

Business is street smart, not book smart. School grades and business excellence are not related.

Business is but a game. It provides and received benefits. No business is absolutely necessary. Business is not to do good.

You see people sell billions of things. But every selling was hard. No one tells the story. It is dark knowledge.

Dark knowledge is the kind that no one teaches, writes, or preaches. Dark knowledge is the source of risks and the motivation for experience. Dark knowledge makes all careful planning moot and throws a wrinkle on any great ideas.

Good luck! everyone can be successful. Start early. Start now. Learn to sell first.


I was a technologiest turned entrepreneur and businessman. I was not clear on many business and entrepreneurial concepts, until I started companies myself. I quit professor job to be an entreprneur, so that I know first time the process. I want to share the experience and understanding with you.

Chang Liu provides no agenda honest straight end to end honesty for anyone who ever wondered.

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