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Royalty Free Ideas for Business Startup

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

A list of ideas that you can use to start your business? really? Yes, you are welcome. Whether you are a technical person wanting to startup a unicorn company by yourself, or a small group of people with little money but want to have a good margin business, here you can find them all. introduced a new website tool for interactively generating ideas and also introduces a list of Free Great Ideas. The list can be found at

The list also comes with a dynamic idea generator - use it as a sandbox to come up with good ideas for yourself. You can use the tools here to identify the quality of an idea, and generate ideas based on your current situation (skilled or not, moneyed or not).

Startup tools and their links:

Idea quality checker: (Answer questions to identify if your idea is missing any elements)

Idea interactive generator: (Asks for your situation and identify your path for ideas)

Free great business ideas (A updated list of great ideas from solo business to unihorn).

Bad ideas recycling bin (Let's study bad ideas to understand how to get good ones)

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