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How to execute an idea?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

To make an idea happen, we will explore the steps. Here are examples using a customer PC assembly example.

Step 1: make the products;

Step 2: sell the products. First, identify market or build it.

Step 3: get your products to the market.

Step 4: get people to the market.

Step 5: interest people with your product in the market and hopefully get sales

Step 6: Improve the product.

Step 7: Protect your turf against copycats, dirty players, bandits, and strong improves who are better funded, more experienced than you. [In fact, you should think about this in Step 1]

Let's look at these steps and break things down with examples.

Step 1: Check originality.

First, go to a search engine and check if you are new. Many times, new is just your illusion. After you check, it is either you find nothing or you find a lot of things;

  • if you find nothing, congratulations, you are doing something no one is touching or has touched yet. You need to survive for a few years and educate customers;

  • if you find a lot of things, then congratulations, you have landed in a validated area. You just need to compete. Remember you must differentiate from existing players. There is no point in doing the same, unless you have a lot of money.

Step 2: Identify market or build it

The question is not "to whom do I sell something", it is "in what market do I sell something". Market is where people go. Market is where people compare and shop. Market is the only place that you should seek. You can not go to a random street and put up a sign saying "Do you need it", or you can not cold call a CEO and ask if they want this.

Market is where people make a living. It is protected. You can not just say "I want to go and check things out". There are bouncers, called regulations, standards, channel.

You must know everyone who is in the market and industry, what they do and what they make. Respect your competitors. Don't just say things like:

  • they won't mind having another one.

  • but they have the xxx following problems.

Remember, to them, you are the bandit, the competitor, the threat.

If the market sells 1 million units a year, if you are unprepared, you will sell zero.

Remember, there is no vacuum, and people care about every penny.

Step 3: Get your products to the market

Say you have a idea for selling it on the street, you need to rent a store space. If you want to sell it online, you need to register yourself in a online platform and get your words out there.

If people don't know you exist. You don't exist. If people do not search you, you do not exist. If people search for you but do not find it, you do not exist.
New idea? Never think about a NEW idea in VACUUM. Think in a market. The market is always full. When it is empty, there is no customer.
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