How to focus on one idea?

Why is it so hard to focus on one idea? why is it absolutely necessary no matter how creative you are. Some people keep secret of their ideas and don't even want to talk to their investors. Here are some explanations.

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Bad ones are free. There are so many ideas you must focus. Ideas can be about a business model, a tool, a function of a tool, a feature of a tool, a feature of a function, etc. Ideas can be about a problem or a solution. There are too many ideas.

Ideas that you are thinking most likely has come to the mind of others. If you can plot a path from idea to business, do it and the idea is yours.

As you do an idea, you will find others have done or are doing the same idea.

Choose carefully. Choose once.
Failure is the necessary step to success, not something "smart people" can elect out.
Good judgement comes from experience, which mostly comes from bad judgement.

Innovation is the act of renewing the old and reshape the supply chain, thus bringing disruptive value to customers. It is business, and therefore it is fight. Any new entrants face tremendous risk.

Business has no vacuum. You must compete to get in to the market and then win. If you are completely new then you must access the customers and win their approval. It is like proposing to your date and have her say "Yes" - it is risky.

When you lock on one idea, it is very important to prepare, design, plan and execute. Any small business will take a life time to conduct. Never think that you are special and can handle a second task.


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