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Why People Buy? Needs, want, and find

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

The "build it and they will come" era is over. There are three kinds of customer emotions your product can satisfy.

  1. Needs:

  2. Wants:

  3. Desire and Find:

The "build it and people will come" era is over. Making business is real easy. Offer TO SOMEONE they will buy for sure. Make something people search for on google.

When your product satisfy a need, it may be something that is a problem or a temporary pain. A great sign that something is needed is when you offer something for free, some people would take it.

When you provide something people want, then the pain is not temporary and everyone you contact is sure they need it. A good sign that something is wanted is when you give something for free, everyone takes it.

The highest level is when people actively find on line the solutions. A good sign that something is searched is when you give it to someone and charge, they all say "Thank you".

For example, someone's skin condition is important. You may provide something people need, say "Aloe oil for seniors" and hope the people "need it" or educate them about their needs. Then you may have a skin product like the lip balms - those are needed by some but not needed by other.

What people secretly type on the internet browser is the most revealing. For example, people may type "DIY to get rid of the ...", or "Does ... really work". If you know the search words, you already know how to build a business.

Why people buy is a big big deal. People don't buy things. We see people buy things all the time, and they won't buy your offering. There is a secret.

Most entrepreneurs NEED to solve other people's problems, but the "other people" do not want them solved.

"Your customers do not exist to buy, you exist for them"


Don't build something for a stranger's need. He won't pay for it, and you won't find enough of him.

Don't build things for someone's want. You have to find them and they have to find you.

The best is to build something others search. Then they want it so badly they will come to you.

Think about the things you buy on a regular basis. It is easy to figure out the psychology of a consumer.

  • people buy things to survive. (We buy bread)

  • people buy things to grow. (We buy meats, we buy books, we go to school)

  • people buy entertainment. (We go to movies, get phones to stay connected)

  • people want love and connection, to survive and grow.

Outside of that, no one really buys anything else. Even that occasional trip to Starbucks and expensive coffee is to read, to talk, to rest. In fact, the biggest ticket money people spend are about

  • housing - survival, growth, children's school and children's growth

  • phone bills, to connect so we can stay alive, keep our job, and grow

  • electricity, to keep us warm, have light.

At the lowest level of Maslow's need curve, is where people spend the most money. Really, high level needs are rare. People only buy things and search for things to stay alive, to grow, and to be happy.

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