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Focus on value/audience, not problems

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Don't ever try to solve a problem for someone. Focus on values. Don't solve problems. No will pay, no one will care. Don't solve a problem and send a "message in a bottle" to the ether (or ether net for that matter).

Why is it not a good idea to solve a problem?

Solving a problem is very far away from a validated value, just like a first date is far from a YES when proposing.

Here are some reasons why solving a problem is not a good idea.

  1. Too many problems.

  2. People want to enjoy and be loved. That’s the most important.

  3. Many are unsolvable.

  4. If you solve a problem, people don’t care.

  5. For some, solving a problem creates another.

  6. The “world is not perfect” is a bad way to start.

  7. Most good ideas are automation, make something easy, reduce price while increasing performance.

  8. Sometimes you want to solve a problem for another person, but they would not agree because they think you may have to charge them.

Don't solve an idea for some stranger and send out a "message in a bottle" to ask for love. It won't work anymore after 2019.

The follow clip emphasize the risks for innovation/startup/entrepreneurship. Remember, it is easy for someone to say "I like the idea" but it is different for the person to say "I will buy from you". It is a giant leap of faith. It is like a marriage proposal accepted - it takes long work. So you can only treat the "acceptance" as a hypothesis and take the uncertainly.

To solve someone's problem, you need to gain their trust and confidence first.

"Address hard wired needs. If you sell products that address needs, your total available market is huge".

Solve needs. Don't solve problems.
Don't bother "hidden needs", attack "open needs".
People only buy something when it gives them enjoyment and growth potential. They buy things they want to keep, and they buy at heavy discounts and bargain.

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Never solve problems for people. Fulfill their needs.
Good business does not get rid of problem. It works on recurring problems, such as pest control or electric bill.

If you solve a problem, people with no relation to you won't allow you to solve the problem for them, they won't pay, and they don't care.

Ideas about problems are everywhere. 99% problems can be solved with money. They are not problems. The hard ones can not be fixed with money, such as relationship, regrets, body shape, mood.

Problems exist in an ecosystem. Snakes can eat young monkeys, but offers protection against selection of stronger species. When you solve the "Money A-10 in danger of Snake 55-43", you may just prevent a disaster but overall it means nothing to the ecosystem and the monkey mother will never pay you.

If you solve an isolated problem, a new problem sets out to exist.

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99% problems can be solved with money. They are not problems.

Business is arranging meetings of goods and customers. Finding ones who appreciate the solution takes time.
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