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New is not Change

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Disruption is not just change.

To change the world, you must accept it first. All of it.

To break rules, you must know all the rules.

To succeed, you must avoid every ways of failure, speed bump, and traps.

To make new happen, you must hurry up and start to fail.

To instill change, you must understand every part of the old.

Entrepreneurship is to introduce new to REPLACE the old. The "replacement" is the hard part.

New is just replacing old.

If you introduce a stand alone new element or product, it won't be accepted by consumers for a long time. By the time it is accepted, your company is no longer there.


If you introduce something new, your customer is at another side of the town. The road to the customers are patrolled by gang and mafia members (sorry for the violent language). To go through the mafia is called marketing.


You never start and land in an open space. If you are a seed of a tree, you must land in the forest, otherwise you don't survive. In the forest, you enter the ecosystem of other companies. You can not survive on your own, but must depend on the ecosystem. If you take down a big tree, you must create a new beneficial position.

New solution, new idea that are created in vacuum is not creation. If you want to create it, then build it yourself and bring it to the shelf. But what you THINK is new in vacuum may never become a change. There are a number of reasons:

- you think it is new, but it is not. It has been done.

- you could not build it, you could not sell it.

- no one will help you just because you "got an idea".

- some ideas are fake, called fallacies.

- no customers want to take it and keep it, despite your intention.

- no network wants to carry you.

To break rules, understand who made those rules first.
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