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The real conversion rate of social media campaigns?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Social media campaigns on platforms other than Facebook and Google are roughly the same. Suppose you have n subscribers or followers (people who get notification when you post), the livestream audience is n/10000. An account with 450,000 followers will get roughly 45 live show audiences. The conversation rate of such into sales is around 2% still.

For platforms like Youtube, on average 1000 views converts to 1 dollar of income.

It takes about 2-3 years for a KOI (Key Opinion Leader or influencer) to gain traction.

A chinese influencer named Li Jiaqi sells lipsticks by trying on himself - he is a man. His stories are summarized here.

Li's road to success got off to a rocky start. The 28-year-old didn't make major sales in the first three years on the job

Li Jiaqi knows how to command a crowd – and he does it with ease and grace. Sitting in front of a camera, he makes a living from selling beauty products during live streams, convincing tens of millions of potential customers to snatch anything from lipsticks to liquid foundation. He's the face of a new crop of salespeople who leverage the power of social media in tech-obsessed China. According to Alibaba data, Li's online broadcasts raked in over 1 billion yuan (142 million U.S. dollars) in sales on the shopping platforms of the Chinese tech titan in the month ahead of Singles' Day, China's annual shopping extravaganza. Li's road to success got off to a rocky start. The 28-year-old didn't make major sales in the first three years on the job, and faced cyberbullying because of the industry he's chosen to be in. "There were people questioning why a guy was testing out makeup products, yet it was those hateful comments that made me stronger," Li told CGTN. However, in 2018, things began to turn around as sales boomed.

The job requires Li to invert regular working and sleeping hours. He doesn't start his job until the sun had set and often wakes up in the afternoon. He's online at around 8 p.m. and doesn't go to bed before 6 a.m.  "People working in every job give up something in exchange for something else. This is just my job and I love it," he said.

What a lot of people do not emphasize is that influences secrets are selling their looks and personality. You must be different. Have to be different first, before you can attract anyone to see you.

Attracting 1000 views on a Youtube channel is very difficult, takes approximately 2 years of non stop publishing high quality material before viewers would stream in.

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