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DIY SEO tips for dropshipping - five essential skills to master before you hire consultants

SEO is complicated, but the foundations are simple. You can master the five essentials without spending big bucks on consultants - you will waste both time and money if you don't start off on your own.

Do it yourself SEO Basics

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping means you sell things online and you don’t hold any inventory. When someone orders, you tell the source factory to ship the item to them. The source factories are all listed on Their super agent is a man named Jack Ma. You take advantage of exceedingly low “source price” of factory with surplus and the customer’s acceptable retail price. You don’t have a physical address and therefore don’t need to pay rent. You bypass traditional wholesale, retail and established channels.

What is SEO?

In the old days before the internet, people in business list themselves in yellow pages. It is a phone book filled with local businesses. Companies are listed under different categories. Under each category, companies are listed alphabetically. Some companies pay the yellow page companies more to high light their names.

Today, the yellow page is gone. It is replaced by Google. Google search is the new yellow page.

SEO means two things:

Your business is properly cataloged in Google. Google understand what catalog keyword you are under;

Your ranking on that catalog keyword is high, so that when a customer searches, they are likely to have the patience to scroll to your listing.

Why is DIY SEO important?

There are many SEO companies advertising their service. They typically manage and build the entire website. SEO is like whole body checkup and whole body health. Your website and your SEO must agree.

However there are two problems to get experts to help. One, they are expensive. They typically charge 100-500 dollars each month. Second, they are often not honest or they don’t do an honest job. If you can not tell who is honest, then you will likely end up with someone who will get you some ranking result but may not get you organic customers.

Many SEO contracts can not be safely terminated.

If you know a little bit about SEO, then you can start yourself on the right foot. It saves you time and money.

Five principles of basic DIY SEO.

These are the fundamental elements of an DIY SEO.

  1. One website, one business.

  2. The domain name matters.

  3. The h1 meta tag or title of home page matters.

  4. Your page contains keywords that Google recognizes.

  5. You build backlinks and authority so google knows you are authority in what you do and Google knows you are dedicated.

Now let’s talk about each one at a time at next episode.

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