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Movies every entrepreneur must watch

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Here is a list of four movies that entrepreneurs must watch. The Founder. The hummingbird project. Jobs (2013) with Aston Kutcher player Jobs, and the Billion Dollar Car. These movies are not the most "popular" because they have some technical elements, and they depict the real process of startup with some authenticity.

The founder is the story of Ray Croc starting the McDonalds Corporation. The movie depicts his vision, his branding acumen, his hustle and his dedication to what he loves.

The Hummingbird Project is a New York stock broker who takes the excruciating efforts to cut down the communication time between Kansas and New York by 1 millisecond to gain a competitive advantage, and how they failed. They want to shave the time from 17 millisecond to 16 second, the time it takes for a hummingbird wing to beat once.

Steve Jobs (2013 version by Aston Kutcher) is a very good movie (not to be confused with a later Jobs movie and the book Jobs by Walter Isaacson). This movie depicts the story of Apple with some realism, and discuss some of the thought process of Jobs.

A documentary movie about how BMW spend 1 billion dollars of research and development to make the BMW electric car, even down to details of sound effects of fake engine sounds.

In the age of of railroads, electrical power and natural gas power, the story of George Westinghouse stand out. He was an inventor who did not go to school for a single day. He teamed with Tesla and won the war of electricity by beating Edison's DC power concept.



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