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Is startup about doing good or making money?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Startup is not about doing good things. It is the business of doing good things. The business also brings money and potential rich financial rewards - people fight for the opportunities to start new. There is no vacuum and there is no unlimited "unmet needs" to fulfill.


Startup is about creation - creating future, creating new value. Creating new methods. Create new bonds. Create new ecosystems. Participating in HELPING MAKE FUTURE happen. Do not approach startup from the 'past' perspective - break from the past, different from the past, etc. It is warm, it is competition, it is cut throat.

New is not different from past. New is future itself.

Startup is neither easy nor hard. The beginners think it is easy and find it hard. The veterans know it is hard and hence it becomes easy. It is neither heart warming nor cruel, it is both.

The value proposition to a cusmtoer: Yes I will buy, I won't get it free.

Innovation and startup involves creativity, cleverness, problem solving, ambition, and money. But yet the entire act of startup has nothing to do with these ambient characters. It is about the future and a species of transaction of humans - even you, the founder and organizer of the entire effort, is just the protagonist but not the meaning of the play itself.


Starting up a business is to take great risk to do good things. Is to make money so you can keep doing good things with a company of people.

Startup is the business of doing good. It is creating a species that lives in the future. One must take advantage of timing more than cleverness.

Just doing good things without delivering the punch line for others pay is not enough.

It is also not good enough to "one step at a time' moving forward and making an effort. If you don't have a vision, you mostly will not get anywhere.

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