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The Best Etsy Shops: Top 40 Ranked List

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

We will review the top 40 best selling stores on Etsy with best sales speed and fan base. Let's find what sells on Etsy. By learning from the best you can identify your own Etsy niche. For each store we will at least review their total sales and age of operating on Etsy. When applicable we discuss the average pricing of their items.

Disclaimer: market data is collected and presented as of June 29, 2021.

1. Planner Kate store.

Planner Kate has sold over 1.7 million stickers for planners as of June 26, 2021. They sell planner sticks only - amazing variants and right timing! The store sells sticks of all kinds and dwarves its nearest competitor. Most items sell for eight dollars with domestic shipping cost of about 8 dollars (no free shipping - they seem to have earned it).

Etsy 1.7 million sales store
Planner Kate store Ets

Planner sticker store
Planner Kate store

2. Caitlyn Minimalist.

Caitlyn Minimalist has sold 1.11 million items as of June 26, 2021. The store carries personalized jewelries such as necklaces with names. The store was formed December 2014. It specializes in gifts for women and personalized jewelries such as necklaces and earrings. Most items sell for 30 dollars with free shipping.

Etsy million sales store Caitlyn Minimalist
Caitlyn Minimalist Etsy store
Etsy store Caitlyn Minimalist
Caitlyn Minimalist Etsy store

3. Beadboat store.

This store has 1.04 million sales as of June 26, 2021. It sells craft supplies. The store was formed in August 2014. It sells craft supplies and rock products. Most products sell under ten dollars without free shipping option.

Bead boat Etsy million sales store
Etsy million sales store Beadboat

Items in the Beadboat store include tassels, beads, rocks, and jewelry supplies such as gold chains.

4. Modparty

Modparty has been in business on Etsy since November 2013. It sells wedding gifts and related merchandise. It has sold over 1 million items online.

5. Yakutum

Yakutum is based in Istanbul Turkey and sells craft related merchandise. It has sold over 850K items. It started on Etsy in January 2009.

6. K Jewelry

Like Yakutum, K Jewelry sells jewelry and craft materials. It has also based in Turkey and has sold over 750K item. It came to Etsy on July 2014, five years after Yakutum.

7. Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue sells leather materials. It has sold over 710k merchandise. It started August 2011 and is based on Washington State, USA.

8. Urban Env

Urban Env sold over 556,000 craft supplies. It is similar to Bead Boat. It has sold over 560K merchandise. It started in 2014 and it is based in Florida.

9. Mignon and Mignon

This store sells jewelry like Caitlyn. It has sold over 515K items. It was formed in 2014, same as the top three.

10. Golden Layered

Golden Layered sells personalized jewelry. It has sold over 510,000 items. It was formed in 2012. Most items sell for 30-50 dollars with free shipping. It should be a rather profitable store.

11. Bewell Group

Proving that in business, timing is everything, this new start in April 2020 from California sold over half million masks at price of about 2 dollars each and no free shipping. It also offers many spa gifting items.

12. Loretta Beads

Loretta beads sells personalized items for jewelry. It has sold over 460K items. It sells items for around 7-12 dollars without free shipping.

13. Zipit

Zippit sells craft parts and has sold over 434K items. As its name suggest, it focused on zipper parts. The staple item sells for 11 dollars with 5.5 dollars of shipping.

14. Velvet Acrorn

A store that specializes crochet patter digital downloads has sold over 390K products in 11 years of doing business on Etsy. Most products are priced at 5.50 dollars.

15. Delezhen

11 year store that sells personalized fine jewelry with a record of 310,000 sales. Most items sell for 30-35 dollars without free shipping option.

16. Everly Grace

A wedding specialty shop that has sold over 300k items. Most items sell for 10 dollars without free shipping. Like the top three stores, this store was formed in 2014.

17. Busy Puzzle

This store has sold 288,000 puzzles. This store was only formed in 2018 and has a lot of potentials. The top item in the store, a child name puzzle, sells 1000 units per month.

18. Grace Personalized

Grace Personalized is a jewelry store with 285,000 sales. It was started October 2013, even before Caitlyn Minimalist and others. It sells items mostly in the 45 dollar price range with free shipping in the USA.

19. Distinctively Ivy

A shop with unique personalized gifts including money clips, jewelry, and gifts for relatively, it has solve over 259,000 items since its start in 2009. Congratulations.

20. Plum Paper Design

This store has sold over 250,000 planner books and has inspired many imitations. This store has operated for 11 years.

21. Peppi Boutique

This store rose to quarter million sales in one year! It started only in April 2020 and sold 250,000 masks in one year. Good luck to the growth in the future.

22. So Good So Good

This store sells many personalized and design gift items for many occasions. It has sold over 240k items. The store started in 2015.

23. Neovic Goods

This store was only started in April 2020 and sold over 238,000 masks.

24. Up to our necks

Another wedding store with a wider supply. This store sells T shirts and has made over 238,000 sales. It was started in 2015 on Etsy. The great wedding stores on this list started in sequence - Modparty, Everly Grace, and then Up2OurNecks.

25, Throwing stones

A store with beautiful rocks. It has made 227K sales of rocks, gems and bead, formed in 2016.

26. Your wedding place

A Mom's gift and wedding favors shop with 212,000 sales. It only started in 2019 and has risen really fast. Kudos!

27. Villa Sorgenfrei

This 11 year old European store has made over 190,000 sales. It operates from Berlin and most items are exotic (by American standard) and nice. The shipping takes 3 weeks and is not free (about 5 dollars to ship to the USA).

28. By Lia Jewels

A jewelry store! surprise. A relatively new start in 2016, it is amazing it has reached 185,000 sales. It sells jewelries such as necklace and earrings. It ships from Space with average price of products in the 20 dollar range. The shipping costs 6 dollars to the USA and 3 weeks.

29. Auramore

Auramore is a store from Utah. It has sold over 185,000 items including gift sets of rocks and fragrances. It ships items on the order of 30-40 dollars of price and shipping is free.

30. Yeah Oh Greetings

This store hailing from San Diego has sold over 177,000 items in eight years. Most items are priced at about 10 without free shipping option. As far as I can tell, this is the only one in top 22 selling greeting cards and other "discretionary" items not related to the gifts category.

31. Symbolic Imports

This story hails from South Carolina. It sells many one of a kind items including phone covers, clothing, and T-shirts. It has sold over 169,000 items, mostly under wedding and bachelorette party favors. This store started even earlier than ModParty, in 2011.

32. Gold personalized

This store from North Carolina has sold over 162,000 jewelry items. A personalized name necklace sells 450 per month. Most items sells for 30-40 dollars with free shipping in USA.

33. Efikl

It is "L", not "1" at the end. Some mask stores mentioned earlier started in April 2020, this store started a bit late, in 6/2020 from United Kingdom, and still sold 158,000 plus masks.

34. Premium Soft Thread

This is one of the biggest T-shirt shops. Started in August 2018 it has over 157,000 items sold.

35. Luna Jewelry

This European jewelry store has sold over 142149, since 10/2010. It is a store from Spain.

36. Nora Jane

Perhaps one of the original stores on Etsy, Nora Jane is a stamp maker with 141,000 sales. The store started in 2008!

Final bonus ... number 26 is another up and coming wedding store.

37. LeRose Wedding

This is a wedding store with over 130k sales made. We close this current list with yet one more wedding bachelorette party favor store. It ships items such as bridesmaid dresses from Sydney Australia, with free shipping to USA customers. Typical shipping time is only 2 weeks - check it out.

38. The Curious Gem

The Curious Gem sells craft supplies of various forms. The store is in United Kingdom and was started in 2008. Items sell for about 40 dollars. The shipping to the USA is the problem - it typically can cost 14 dollars and up to six weeks. It has sold over 136,000 items.

39. Rock Paradise

Sold over 135,000 sales of rocks and gems since formed in 2014.

Other honorable mentions that sell well:

One store, Made By Artly, sold both T-shirts and masks. It has amazing fast sales rise, having sold over 89,000 items since July 2020.

Hooray Days

Hooray Days is a party supply store. Since founding in 2017 it has sold over 280,000 items on Etsy.

Established Co Gifts (formerly Confetti Momma)

A wedding gift store since 2010, this store has great gift boxes for all wedding needs. It has sold over 219,000 items.

Funky pretty beads

A seller of beads and other crafting supplies. It has sold over 210,000 items since 2014.

Pixel Perfection Party

A store selling digital download files of party signs. It started in 2014 and has sold over 182,000 items.

Natural Succulents

A gift store from California, it specializes in gifts for wedding. It has sold over 166,000 items since its founding in 2018 - very fast.

The Hat and I

This store sells crochet patter design downloads since 2011. It has sold over 143,000 pdf downloads.


Digital crochet pattern store from Europe. It has been established in 2011 and sold over 130,000 patterns by digital download.

Mon Petit Violon

A European store selling download crochet patterns since 2008 It has sold over 110,000 items at a price of about $5 each.

GoodDay Masks

The one year store sold 139000 masks in 2020.

Tom Design

Father's day gifts, personalized gifts, bridesmaid gifts. Sold over 239000 merchandise since December 2008.

Fox and Cactus

Has been selling original hand drawn stationery since February 2016. They have sold over 157000 items.

Blushes and Gold

A seller of gold personalized jewelry, having sold 133,000 since August 2015.

Check out our Etsy market data base page

This webpage contains further information:

  • more information about each store (such as selling speed and shipment costs);

  • additional stores in all 8 categories of Etsy including smaller stores.

  • sorting and ranking by items and keywords


Most important store keywords are:

Wedding, Jewelry, Women, Gifts, Greetings and self expression, and Craft supplies (Zipper, Leather, Stickers, Stone, beads, yarns, etc). The top four stores says it all. The top four categories are: Jewelry, craft supplies and wedding.

The majority of Etsy customers is 18-24 year old women. None of the top stores sell man related items. (But don't worry, there are plenty of stores selling those, as I will review later). Two exceptions are puzzles for children and crafting supplies for seniors.

However, the majority of shop owners are man (57%) with age of 25-34.

About us:

SevenParallel Consulting conducts Etsy Market research. We can provide market research on shops and products. You can follow us on Youtube. Beginners could check out udemy course on Etsy shop starting. Our course and research can help people find what to sell on Etsy.

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