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Top ten best selling products on Etsy

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Etsy is a great platform for first time sellers. As beginner, selecting a fast selling niche is important even if it means more competition. Here we review the top ten best selling niche products on Etsy.

We review ten best selling products on Etsy. We use Etsy market data to rank the top ten best sellers and show you what products sell really well on the Etsy platform.

We use the Etsy market research data on

The top products are:

  1. Personalized double name ring from Caitlyn Minimalist, selling 7000/month

  2. Personalized leather wallet, 2400/month sales

  3. Stickers for planner books, from Planner Kate, selling 2000 per month.

  4. Personalized name puzzle for baby toys and gifts from Busy Puzzle, selling 1050/month.

  5. Personalized wallet, selling 1000/month.

  6. Personalized bracelet from Jewelry Hills, selling 500/month

  7. Personalized necklace, 450 sales per monty

  8. Personalized pet portrait selling 400 a month

  9. Groomsman's wedding gift box, 100/month

  10. Picture blanket, 140 sales per month

About us:

SevenParallel Consulting conducts Etsy Market research. We can provide market research on shops and products. You can follow us on Youtube. Beginners could check out udemy course on Etsy shop starting. Our course and research can help people find what to sell on Etsy.

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