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Why Solopreneur (Solo startup) is not recommended

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Many people are forced to start on their own. They could not tell others the secret. They could not find another person who share the dream and enthusiasm. But solo preneurs typically struggle a lot, even though there are success cases.

Why do you need a cofounder? even though a solo founder has no conflicts and can move in any direction fast?

Reason 1: A startup made by one person just take a one-person startup to break;

Reason 2; Modern companies provide value through scaling and efficiencies. They are not a "one man does it all" operation.

Reason 3: You need to full tech, marketing, company operations. That is three people already. Tech needs to build highest quality stuff no one can copy. Marketing is go through the mud and scams others laid out for you. Company operations is hiring people and firing people (if you don't hire the right one).

Most people who are solopreneurs are doing this for the second time, like Elon Musk. Some solo entrepreneurs startup small businesses, which is not to be mistaken as enterprise level companies. A company provide others jobs. A hobby provide the hobbyist the job.

There are several reasons why solo preneurs are not good. Even though in theory it is possible.

  • A one person team can not have enough time to climb sufficient barrier. Hence it will leave a low barrier and no moat - competitors and copy cats can follow up really quick.

  • Startup involves markets and technology working in sync. A technologist don't know how much marketing is consuming, because they misunderstand that business is based on merit alone.

Even if you can theoretically do a company alone, it is good to have multiple cushions of insurance. Business is not kind, it is brutal combat with sometimes rich players and sometimes dirty players. Starting a business is highly risky. You have to win customers, win the love of colleagues, and beat copycats.

Success is not linear. Failures are always sudden. If there are 2000 ways to fail and you only know 1900, you fail.

To go fast, go alone. To go far form a group.
A dream of one person is a dream. A dream of two people is reality.
It is far better to go alone than to have a bad partner. Bad partners happen often, but that is not the reason to be alone.

Veterans know it is highly risky.

They accept the risk and take the best opportunities.

New beginners don't know it is risky.

They think they are the exception.

They avoid risks (and obstacles) and take chances.

You can not out smart a lean and easy path.

Startup is easy. As long as you have failed once and knows it is hard.

Startup is hard, for anyone who desires a success while doing it first time.

Startup is a doubles event.
Business is a game. You must win to get profit.
If you are alone, it will never get funding and you will end up with a hobby.
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