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Journey to market: The Journey and Education of An Idea

Updated: Aug 21, 2021


I am an idea. My master made me while he was taking a shower (or putting gas in his car, whatever). The idea is this:

I want to build a web app for generating a meal plan based on budget, family size, time, excluding unliked ingredients, and dietary needs (Calories, Macro-nutrients, Allergies, Gluten Free, Keto, Vegan, Dairy Free, etc.). When your meal plan is generated you get access to your daily/weekly recipes, and how to prepare them. You can save favorite recipes and use them more frequently I want to be able to add said ingredients to a grocery list ... (link to prove that I am real)

My master SIT on me for quite a while. He does not want anyone to see me because he is afraid the secret would be let out. Finally, one day he asked people if the idea is a good one or not. Then miraculously one day my master started to actually write the APP. Here is my journey after I am incarnated as an APP:

Step 1: My master took me to a market for a spin.

Step 2: Find out I have too many cousins and relatives my master did not know exist.

Step 3: My master tries to "get the word out" about me, but he is short on skills and money.

Step 4: My master spend 1000 dollars to build a web page for me. It looked "OK".

Step 5: Over 1 year, 5 people clicked on the link, and one curious "potential customer" actually downloaded.

Step 6: My master is determined, he got a celebrity to introduce me to public.

Step 7: Lots of downloads of me.

Step 8: No one pays a penny. People think I am cute and fun, but no one wants to keep me. My master learned this lesson.

Step 9: My master slaps a 100 dollar gift certificate on me and sell for 20, and he still have hard time just letting me go.


Success is easy. Punch all 2000 failures possible, and you succeed. Here we review some of the speed bumps, death traps and many beginners realize too late.

When you are "making the MVP", you are trying to cheat and create an artificial lightning. ( It sounds easy, but it is the impossible way. The only easy way in startup is the hard way, the way that involves many failures.

Summary: Making business is easy. Prepare. Bring in some capital. Do reconnaissance, you will get rewarded. In nature, small companies happen and succeed everyday. However, making business is hard for the following cases. (1) if you are students and technical; (2) if you think it is vacuum, problem solving, cool, and fun (like a walk to the nearest incubator/accelerotor; (3) if you think it costs very little to get into business class (think about the airline's business class vs. a regular seat). Business and creation is done in the real world - with imagination, passion, experience (which is mostly failure), and money.

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