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Don't delay your success

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Many young people are well schooled. But they have no building skills, no capital, and not many experienced mentors.

They want to start. They want to have jobs, influence, money, and experience. They don't know how to start. They don't know where to start. They found the entire field of startup and entrepreneurship very cloudy, even though many people seem to have made a lot of mistakes and there seems to be success examples everywhere.

What should I do?

Success is a skill, not a state of financial or numbered achievement.
For beginners, your first success is your failure. Only failure leads to success. Failure means you tried hard enough.

After you leave school, after you read ALL BOOKS on earth, you enter the realm of real life, the realm of society, the realm of relations,the realm of creativity, the real of doing.

The realm of "no one gives you a damn if you know a lot". To have fans in that realm is called success. To have fans pay you for some reason is called rich.

Success takes five steps.

  1. Fail.

  2. Learn in experience. (Experience is only through failure, because life is many ways to fail. Failure is not shame. Just take a selfie with the failure and move on).

  3. Design and choose. (You can only choose and design with experience. No one will teach you, no one will help! No one will care actually. Remember, once you choose, stick with it. Changing ingredients half way through cooking ruins the whole meal)

  4. Act and hustle. The best plan involves hustling.

  5. Get fans and likes on INS.

Life is like social networking, you just build your social network from scratch rather than "wait and see". Typically people has 100 likes and 10 subscribers. You want to target a subset of people, with 300,000 people. You want to eventually in 10 years get 219,000 subscribers, and work on winning them one day at a time. You learn build, you bring your own capital, you work in agony and joy. Don't shoot for the "whole world" and fantasize when 100 million fans shows up at your account. If you do that, you will still have 100 fans when you are sixty. (Days are long, and years are short).

In your dream the mountain comes to you. In your vision you walk to that mountain.

So, stop thinking, start walking, start failing.

There is riches anywhere, there is success on any product. Just focus, fail, and let go of your fear of failure, and experience every way to fail, then success is right there waiting for you along.

As long as you focus, there is always business, because even a small group of need is a rich enough relation. The relation gives you jobs, the relation can make you rich, as long as you give real value.

Startup is kind of like dating and marriage. Lock on a person and make him/her happy for a while, eventually you tie a knot and become keepers. If you keep looking, no one will come.

Life is about relations. Relations to people you want to help. Relations to things you want to build. Relations to the world beyond books and teachers. There is no shortcuts, no vacuum, no chance taking.

For your first start, don't use your idea. Use someone's idea. Practice, try to get a base run so it is not too ugly.

Startup is not about idea, it is about the business of idea. Improve idea. Get a lot of them and throw away all except for one.

Better pick something small that YOU CAN MAKE in a big industry. Don't try to invent a new thing - new things need education, people don't accept them then you are dead. Don't invent your own market and industry unwittingly. There is no new things under the sun. People only care about certain things and buy certain things.


When you design and choose? what do you design and choose?

You choose the people (audience), you choose the industry, you choose the market, you choose the niche.

You design the value to provide to the audience, design the way to make profit through your operations, design how to keep revenues going even when you are sleeping.

If you don't design and choose, just go on a haunch, project, guess, wish, you will never grow, because frankly, NO ONE CARES. (No one cares because you did not specify who you care).


Read the following links, in this sequence. Until you are convinced and clicked:

It is common. EVERYONE has questions.

HIGHEST level description of startup, in a crux nut shell in straight language with to the point intention.

An extension of previous article, bit long.

Failure is REQUIRED. Not to be ashamed.

What do you do when you have a lot of ideas?

What do you do when you have ideas but find yourself not really acting?

Startup IS very very risky. The only way to prepare is to fail.

Startup is natural. Don't have to force it. If you can not create, get a job and do that well. Prepare. Using dating and marriage as examples

To succeed, you must beat ALL ENEMIES and KNOW PERSONALLY EVERY way to fail. You are your biggest enemy. In fact, it could be that you are your only enemy.

Startup is fun, it is life. It is normal. It just needs hard work, that's all.

The best analogy of startup.


Reference: A message from Reddit Startups community

Hi guys, So I have an idea for a software that I really want to make into reality. Problem is, I'm 17 and I have 0 idea where to start financially or logistically. I know what I want and I've made flow charts and a slideshow for presentation and I have a friend who makes website mockups and graphic design for a living. But that's about it. Do you guys have any advice on starting out?

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